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Struggling to attract your dream customers?

I’m here to help

Get more and better customers through your website, all while you sleep

Zero computer skills needed

Long term benefits

Get customers you'll love

You probably don’t get the most out of your website

Although you know the internet can be a magic gateway to attracting new customers, your results are disappointing. Most business owners don’t have the time and knowledge to utilize their website to its full potential.

Let’s do something about it.

1️⃣ We analyze your business

First, we have to learn about your products and services. Then, we have to find out who your ideal customer is and craft an irresistible offer for them.

2️⃣  I create content for you

We start with the low-hanging fruits. What are your ideal customers searching for on the internet? We expand content creation until we get results.

3️⃣  Distribute, analyse and adapt

The goal is to increase quality leads for your business. A small ad campaign leads people to your website, which gives us data to analyze.

Results guaranteed.

I can guarantee results with the right content, web pages, and some adjustments to your website. Otherwise, you get your money back.

No more hassle with freelancers.

Done are the times of managing expensive freelancers or employees. Save €32k+ a year vs. hiring full-time.

Fast delivery.

I will start immediately with writing content and within one week, you will start seeing the first results.

What I create ⬇︎

Transform your website into a powerful tool that converts visitors into devoted customers.

Let content do the heavy lifting for you

You can attract and convert visitors into loyal customers with the right web pages and content. All while you sleep.

Home page

Landing pages

Blog pages

Content pages

Product pages

Services pages

Sign up pages

Order / check-out pages

About page

Contact page

Frequently asked questions page

Testimonials / reviews pages

Privacy policy page

Terms of service page

Lead generation pages

Limited time offers pages

Interactive content pages

Social media content (add-on)

Pricing plans

No job posts. No managing freelancers. No pain in the knee. Simple pricing.

1. Pick a plan

2. Get in contact

3. Start sowing

All prices are excluding 21% VAT.

I will work on your business as if I'm a co-founder.

* I ask for a one-time bonus for hitting a pre-determined goal. To be discussed.
** Get your money back if I don’t fulfill my promise. Read more…

Book a free strategy call

Learn about how we can help you grow your audience

My promise

How I help to grow your business

Get more customers

You first need more customers to grow your business. Luckily, they are already on the internet. They just have to find you.

Increase their average purchase value

Next to getting new customers, you can get them to spend more on your products or services.

Get them to come back

If your customers come back, you know they are happy with your products and services.

Creating win-win situations

If you have happy leads that turn into happy customers, I bet you will be a happy business owner.

Got any questions?

Why wouldn't I just hire a full-time content creator?

Good question! For starters, the annual cost of an experienced content creator exceeds €48K/year, plus benefits and cost of gear. Good luck finding someone willing to learn as much about your products or services as you do.

Aside from that, you may not always have enough work to keep them busy at all times, so you’re stuck paying for time you aren’t able to utilize.

With my one-time fee, I will help you kickstart your renewed quality lead source, a.k.a. your website.

How fast will I results?

When we agree upon the details, the first changes should be visible after one week.

In the first week, I will set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console correctly. These tools will be used to measure and analyze data.

Then, with market research, I will find low hanging fruit topics to write about. Furthermore, I will make changes to your website to ensure it follows the internet’s best practices.

Are you sure this will help me grow?

I can’t guarantee you the rate of growth, as this depends on too many factors such as the market, your products and services, etc.

However, I want to guarantee that I will get you engaged leads. Otherwise, you will get your money back.

Read more…

How does the money back guarantee work?

I will work on your business as if I’m a co-founder. That’s why I’m willing to take some risks with you.

I will guarantee five new engaged leads for companies with products or services <€1.000 in the first month. I will guarantee one engaged lead for companies with products or services >€1.000.

If I can’t make up on my promise, you will get €1.000 back every month if I don’t hit that target up to your total initial amount.

Can I cancel the service?

Unfortunately, if you decide you don’t need my services anymore, I can’t do a refund. I will only do a refund if I can’t make up on my promises.

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