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How I work: a holistic approach

My approach to marketing: multiple elements that contribute to your goals

The problem with most marketing businesses

Usually, marketing businesses only look at one aspect of marketing. They either focus on content marketing, SEO, advertisement, or some other metric. The problem with this approach is that you, as a business owner, might not get any results in the one goal that truly matters for any company: getting more sales. 

My holistic approach: your business goals come first

Instead of looking at your business as separate metrics, I look for a way to help you grow your business effectively. It is my goal to help you to:

A) Get more customers;
B) Increase their average purchase value;
C) Get them to come back.

I will get people to your website and turn them into engaged leads through my formula. I will illustrate the process in the next steps.

1. Redesign your website

There’s a high probability that you haven’t set up your website correctly. You probably want your website to perform better. You thought that building a website would get you lots of customers. By now, you know that it’s not the case.

Please, don’t lose hope. Your website could still be your gateway to new and better customers. I will help you to implement best practices when it comes to your home on the internet. Next to your home page, you need vital pages such as a contact, about us, and frequently asked questions page.

2. Set up Google correctly

If you still need to implement Google Analytics, I will help you. Google Analytics is vital in understanding what people are doing on your website. Furthermore, it’s a tool to learn if you are growing or shrinking.

Next to Google Analytics, you want to get discovered on Google’s search pages. Through Google’s Search Console, you can give higher priority to Google’s web crawlers and let the search engine know about the contents of your website. Without the Search Console, you are not ranked on Google. 

3. Create blog content for your website

People are looking on Google for answers. To get on the first page of Google, you must give people what they want. By writing blog content on your website, focusing on what your dream customers want and need, you increase the probability of them finding you online.

I will first do customer and market research to understand what your dream customers want. Next, I will dive deeper into how your products and services solve your dream customer’s problems. Finally, I will research keywords to see what’s worth writing about. 

4. Create landing pages

Next to content-focused pages, you will need pages that can turn your website visitors into engaged leads. You can think of product pages, sign-up pages, white-paper download pages, etc. Simply said, it’s a page where your prospect fills in their e-mail address to let you know they are interested in your products and services. Of course, it’s even better when they buy a product.

5. Launch an ad-campaign

Creating blog content and landing pages is only part of the formula. These pages will do the heavy lifting for you in the long run. However, in the short term, you will need some extra help.

Ads are the quickest way to send people to your website. I will help you to set up an ad campaign through Facebook (and Instagram) or Google. If you choose the “Plus” package, the first €100 ad spend is included. With a low-budget ad campaign, we send the first prospects to your website. Paired with Google Analytics, we can learn what ads work best for your business. 

6. Analyse, evaluate, and adapt

Now we have the first people coming to -and interacting with- your website, we can start analyzing the results. What are prospects responding to? What are they interacting with? How many of the prospects became engaged leads? From here on, we can create new blog content and adjust the ads if necessary.

I will guide you in this process for three months so you will have your first results and enough data to continue. After three months, if you are happy with my services, we can continue working together for a reduced fee.

7. Expand with Social media (optional)

Many business owners think that social media is essential for online marketing. Yes, social media can be a powerful marketing tool. It’s just one of the many tools in the shed of online marketing.

In my personal experience, social media is a long-term game. Expecting to make one viral video is like buying a lottery ticket and expecting you to win. However, social media can be a perfect aid for your website.

Through social media videos, you can explain your products and services. You spread your ideas on digital squares, where people spend multiple hours of their day. When your dream customers notice your content, you can turn them into engaged leads (as followers) or direct them to your website and convert them over there.

You can create web pages about your social media posts. And more website content is better for Google. So, this is a win-win situation. If you want to expand your reach through social media content, click here.

Simple pricing, no surprises, weekly progress

I charge a plain fee for three months of involvement. You only have to pay an additional cost for ad spending and the use of premium WordPress plugins. Additional costs will always be discussed before implementation. In other words, you won’t get any surprise payments.

Also, I’ll give you a weekly update on progress. You will see what has been implemented,  what has changed, and what the progress is. Together, we will discuss further steps so you stay in control.

Get in contact, no time to waste

The sooner you change your website, the sooner you can reap the benefits. I only work with a limited amount of clients at one time, so I can give my full attention to the clients I work with. If you are curious about what I can do for your business, click here to contact me.